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Palmieri Luke

Osteopath DO - Physiotherapist -Posturologist

Welcome back! I'm Dr. Palmieri Luca.

My passion for this job was born way back in 2006 where, following a very serious motorcycle accident, I had to undergo many physiotherapy sessions.

At that time I fell in love with this job.

What makes the difference in a good Osteopath-Physiotherapist?

My answer is : " Human and professional empathy ".

It is my duty to understand who I am dealing with and to have the right sensitivity in listening to my patient's problem and the resulting discomforts, this is the best path to therapeutic success!

Now I'll tell you briefly about my training. Read sideways ------------------>


My studies


Degree in Physiotherapy

In 2013 I graduated with honors in Physiotherapy. 

From there I started working in some structures already starting to measure myself with the free profession. 


II Level University Master in Manual Therapy

Diploma  II level Master in

"Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Disorders"

which in fact gave me the title of

Physiotherapist specialized in Manual Therapy.

High-level master who gave me a significant boost in terms of physiotherapy.


Osteopath DO

Later, always fascinated by the world of Osteopathy, I decide to take the road. 

A profession that changed my life.

The essence of Osteopathy is to consider the patient at 360°. Involucre (skeleton) and content (viscera) influence each other for this reason they are both worthy of attention.


Diploma in

Clinical posturology

Finally, Posturology which is basically the roof for all the professions mentioned above.

Try to reach a postural balance where it is disturbed. 

I will evaluate the Ocular, Podalic and Stomatognathic receptors to identify in which of these districts the primary cause of the posture disturbance resides.

I am having great satisfaction especially with children and teenagers.

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